An Uncommon Focus On Local Labor

Kent is a group of jewelers working to bring honesty, artistry, and quality to the industry. Repairs stay in store, customers talk to the designers and jewelers doing their work, and almost every new piece we put out is fabricated in-house, not outsourced. That means more consistent quality, more knowledgeable customer service, and unrivaled expertise when it comes to creating and maintaining clients' pieces.

Unique Fine Jewelry

Gemstone Engagement

Gemstone Engagement

Pfff diamond sh-mimond! Who wants to be ordinary?! Browse our curated collection... 

Foundations Bridal

Foundations Bridal

Every relationship begins with a strong foundation. Start here for our classic... 

Why Choose Fairmined Gold

  • Engagement

    Shop classic and original styles and find what you love or create inspiration for something custom.

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  • In-House Custom Design

    Work with in-house designers and jewelers to combine aspects of your favorite styles or design around unique or family stones.

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  • Repairs & Restored Estate

    Repair any fine jewelry and rebuild antique or heirloom pieces. Repairs stay in-house and are done in two weeks or less for most pieces.

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