Start Designing

It all starts with a conversation

We begin every design with a discussion of your needs, budget, and time-frame.

Whether you share a Pinterest board, have inspiration or save favorites from our site, you will be designing with experienced, artistic professionals.

By designing and manufacturing everything in house, we ensure extraordinary craftsmanship, unique designs and great value.

CAD Modeling 

Realistic renderings and physical models help transform sketched ideas into reality.

A collaboration between you, the designer and the CAD team, all of whose input and ideas help create something that looks and fits perfectly.

3D Printing

Rapid 3-D printers help bring the CAD model to life, which enable you to try on your custom project before it's cast in metal.


Once the design has been approved, the model is now set for casting. Our in-house casting facility is state of the art, with world class equipment and a custom casters' attention to detail.

Most jewelers don't make their own jewelry. Even fewer cast in house, but we do to control each step and keep costs low.

Hand-forging & fabrication

Many of our designs have hand forged elements. Forging hardens the metal and makes even fine elements durable enough to last a lifetime.

We hand fabricate crucial elements to ensure the finest detail and longest life.

Gemstone Setting

We hand-set each gemstone, detailing all areas to perfection.

We sharpen our gravers more often, work under bench microscopes and do all work in house.


Hand-engraving is the art of hand cutting designs directly into the metal with highly polished specialty gravers.

This is the hallmark of a true jewelry artist, and, like much of our work, is performed under a bench microscope for intricate detail.

Texture, Finishes and Detailing

The final stage of the production process includes adding textures & finishes.

Before quality marking, we double and triple check all details of the design to ensure all instructions have been meticulously followed, the design is well executed and all craftsmanship is top notch.


Most projects take about 2-3 weeks after design approval. Design time varies, but give yourself enough time to enjoy the process!